Installation with Windows 8

July, 2014 To facilitate installation of LangLab PASSPORT with Windows 8, E-LangLab can provide an installer that no longer requires the user to turn off the Windows User Access Control before running the installer. (Previously, it was necessary to do so to allow the installer to copy MP3 support files to Java folders and to create the license file on the computer.)

Compatibility with Mac OS 10.9 (Mavericks)

Although LangLab PASSPORT itself is compatible with Mavericks, the version of the LAME encoder (for encoding and decoding MP3 sound files) is not. Because MP3 support cannot be simply added to Java on the Mac in the same way it can with Windows, LangLab calls LAME as an external process (it's not our creation) to do so. LangLab will work and store students' recordings if the .wav format it used, but we are currently working on providing a new version of the LAME encoder that will also allow use of .mp3 files with Mavericks.