Teacher Module

teacher initial screen

The Teacher module's pull-down menus let the teacher easily retrieve and evaluate a student's recording, for both individual recordings and recordings of pair or group conversations in which the student has participated. The Teacher module also displays in the text window any answers the student has entered in radio buttons, checkboxes, and boxes.

Inserting Comments

The teacher can insert audio comments at any point in the recording and can also put in another recording pause for the student to re-record something.The Client (Student) module tells a student when there is a version of the item with the teacher's comments on what the student has previously recorded.

teacher main screen

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The Teacher module includes tools to help the teacher assess the student's work and find the spot to insert comments:

  • Select part of the sound clip and play just that portion;
  • Click the Step button to go through the sound file one-fifth of a second at a time.

It lets the teacher make any part of the file louder or softer, or delete it.

Reports and maintenance

The teacher can bring up a report showing which lessons and items each student has finished and how much time a student has spent on each. The teacher module also makes it easy to delete student recordings no longer needed, after a course is over.

stats screen thumbnail

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The SAVE STUDENT ANSWERS button lets the teacher view a report of all students' written work for the lesson. The report can be saved as a file that the teacher can bring up in a word processor. The teacher can then add corrections and comments, extract the portion for each student, and give it to the student.