Monitor Module

The Monitor module shows the teacher what each student in a class is doing and lets the teacher and the students communicate in real time. It also lets the teacher take control of the Client module for each student in the class. The teacher can play a clip for all and stop it or initiate recording for all and stop it.

Keep an eye (and ear) on your students

A teacher can use any computer in a lab or outside the lab to monitor a class and can change computers in mid-session.

Monitor initial screen

The teacher selects the course to monitor, and only students in the lab who are in that course are affected. Students in other courses can work in the lab without interfering with monitoring and without being disturbed themselves.

The main Monitor panel shows the teacher which lesson and item each student is working on and whether the student is just listening or is recording. For a large class, the window scrolls to show all students.

Interact easily with your students:

  • Listen to any student as the student works;
  • Interrupt and have a private conversation with a single student or talk with the entire class (CALL ALL).
  • Intervention by the teacher pauses students' work automatically, so that they can resume it afterward at the same spot.
  • See right away when a student wants your help. (The Called button blinks.)
  • Click a Take control? checkbox to begin controlling the Client module for every student in your class. You can make every Client module go to the lesson and item you want. You can then play a clip and stop it, or you can initiate recording for every student and stop it.
  • Use CALL ALL together with teacher control to improvise lessons you haven't had time to prepare before class. Just quickly create in advance a few "just in case" lessons with items that are "empty"--i.e., you don't have to record or import an audio clip or link resources to the items. Then, in class, take control, go to such a lesson and item, use CALL ALL to ask questions, and initiate recording so that students record responses.

Here is the Monitor screen with students logged in and working:
3.0 monitor module thumbnail
(Click on the image above for a larger view.)