Admin Module

admin initial screen

Lesson Management

  • The Admin module lets teachers create new lessons, including quizzes and tests, and edit exiting lessons.
  • Teachers can hide tests and make them available to students only when needed.

Audio Creation and Processing

  • It's easy to import existing sound files into LangLab (from CDs accompanying textbooks, etc.), digitize tapes, and record new material for lessons.
  • Standard cut, copy, and paste functions make it easy to assemble and edit an audio clip or modify loudness of selected parts.

Linking Items to Video Clips, Web Pages, Images, Documents, etc.

  • You can link to an item of a lesson any Web page or virtually any instructional resource in file form, on a server or on the student's own computer (including on CDs or DVDs that a student inserts in a drive).
  • The URL (location) of the resource appears on a button in the Client module (the one students use), and all they have to do is click on the button to launch a browser or other program (e.g., a media player) for display or use of the file.
admin main screen thumbnail

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Designing Lessons

  • Create an unlimited number of items, short or long, for each lesson.
  • Change the order of items as needed.
  • Put in text instructions for each lesson item and even longer texts for students to read in the scrollable text window.
  • Configure the text window: choose background colors, fonts, and font attributes to draw students' attention to key elements in it and provide visual variety.
  • Find and link an image file to the item, so that the picture pops up automatically when a student using the Client module comes to the item.
  • Add written questions and put in radio buttons that students can click on to answer aural discrimination, true/false, and multiple-choice questions, or checkboxes for checklist questions. Put in text boxes of arbitrary size for fill-in-the-blank or essay questions.
  • Type or copy and paste in the URL field the location of a Web page or external instructional resource in file form, or simply click a button to navigate to the file and choose it: video, documents wih text and images, larger image files, Powerpoints, etc.
  • Use the Show/Hide toggle to specify whether a lesson will be accessible to students or off-line and hidden for later use as a quiz or test.
  • Easily add or delete lessons or items in them as needed.


  • Insert recording pauses for students to respond.
  • Quickly see how long the pause is and change it.
  • Select which pauses trigger the recording light when students use an item—keep the very common pauses for emphasis in commercial materials (not intended for recording) from doing so.
  • Lengthen all pauses in an item in one step, solving the problem of commercial audio materials with many pauses that never allow enough time for students to respond.

Course and System Administration

  • The LangLab Administrator uses this module to set up new courses, specifying parameters such as sound file format and where files are stored.
  • Teachers use this module to enter the class roster for a course, with student login names and passwords.
  • Import LangLab PASSPORT courses or individual lessons developed elsewhere.