Let'sT@lkMonitor Module

This module lets the teacher organize, monitor, and participate in conversations students have in pairs or groups.

main screen of Let'sT@lkMonitor

(Click on the image above for a larger view.)

group screen of Let'sT@lkClient

  • Clicking on the button showing two people together brings up the small Manage Groups panel shown below the main screen.
  • The teacher can choose who will be in which group or can let the computer do so randomly, after indicating the target size of groups. (To avoid possible problems from network congestion, the limit is four students in a group.)
  • The teacher can also assign students to groups in advance, to avoid taking class time to do so (for instance, when administering a collaborative test).
  • After groups have been assigned, the teacher can still move any student from one group to another, simply by clicking on the group to which the student should be in and on the name of the student.
  • A set of group assignments can be saved and imported for later use, in order to have the same groups continue a discussion from a previous session.
  • If a teacher is controlling group assignments, the panel for choosing groups in the module students use is turned off.
  • The teacher can join any group, either simply to listen to the conversation or to speak with the students in the group.
  • The teacher can change group assignments whenever desired. Students do not have to remain in the same groups for every item of a lesson.