Version 2.1

  1. When you try to bring up a module, it won't come up.
    Are you sure you have Java on your computer? If you don't, LangLab won't run.
  2. You once downloaded an earlier version of LangLab, but you're having a problem running this version.
    Versions of LangLab before 2.0 installed a javalayer.jar file in your Java directory. This file keeps version 2.1 from working properly. The installer tries to find and delete this file, but on some computers file permissions prevent the installer from doing so. If you're having a problem, check the C:\Program Files\Java\jrexxx\lib\ext\ directory. If you see a javalayer.jar file, delete it.
  3. When you try to run modules, they say that the license file is missing and then disappear.
    Did you remember to bring up the LangLabUtilities module and run the Install MP3 Files program? Mac users who forget to do so prevent LangLab from creating the demo license. Among other things, this program copies a folder, LangLabDemo, from the Applications/LangLab to the user's home directory (with the house icon), and LangLab tries to create the demo license there. If this copy of the LangLabDemo folder is missing, it can't create the license.
  4. You tried to run the Install MP3 Files program, but you received an error message saying that it failed (or you didn't see a message then, but you're a Mac user, and when you try to run modules, they say that the license key is missing).
    The problem is probably caused by how permissions are set on your computer; they won't allow the program to move files and folders into place as it should, and therefore LangLab can't create the demo license in the folder that should have it. Try getting a system administrator to set permissions so that the program will run properly. Below are instructions for copying the necessary files (and LangLabDemo folder, on a Mac) by hand--i.e., doing manually what the Install MP3 Files tries to do for you--if you need to. Click here to read them.
  5. Your computer uses Windows, and you can run LangLab using .wav files, but .mp3 files are not working.
    Did you remember to bring up the LangLabUtilities module and run the Install MP3 Files program? It moves into the appropriate Java directories files needed for use of .mp3 files. If the program could not do what it's supposed to because of file permission problems, you'll have to copy the files manually. See how.
  6. You are using a Mac, you remembered to run the Install MP3 Files program, but .mp3 files are still not working.
    Are you sure you have the LAME MP3 encoder on your computer? If not, you can download it from our site by clicking
  7. You see a message saying that audio resources are unavailable, and modules disappear.
    Another program is undoubtedly using the resources of the sound card, and the sound tools in Java (which LangLab needs to use) cannot run. Examine the processes running on your computer (get a system administrator to do it if you don't know how to call up a list or identify which process is doing what) and quit using the program that is preventing LangLab from using the sound resources.
  8. You're using LangLab on a Mac and can hear and record, but sound is at the wrong speed.
    The normal Audio MIDI sound settings are 44100Hz and two-channel 16-bit sound, which LangLab uses. Certain programs (Audacity is one culprit) reset the sound settings without telling the user. Pull up the Audio MIDI Setup panel (it's in Utilities) and correct the sound settings.
  9. You used to be able to use LangLab with MP3 files, but now MP3 files won't work.
    Is your computer configured to look for and accept automatic updates of Java? If a Java update was installed, you need to bring up the LangLabUtilities program and run the program again that installs MP3 support files, so that they are copied into the new Java directories.
How to copy MP3 and FTP/SFTP support files (and the LangLabDemo folder, on a Mac) to the right places

Mac users: if the Install MP3 Files program of the LangLabUtilities module failed to copy the LangLabDemo folder from /Applications/LangLab to the user's home directory (with the house icon), you have to do it manually. A demo or real license key has to go in this copy of the folder. If you can't find the folder and drag it to the house icon to copy it to your home directory (check whether it's there afterward), consult your system administrator. For MP3 and FTP/SFTP support, you also have to copy all the files from /Applications/LangLab/mp3 to /Library/Java/Extensions.

Windows users:

  1. Copy the file lame_enc.dll to the Windows System Directory:
  2. Copy the file lame_tritonus.dll into the bin folder of your current Java directory (in \Programs\Java\--make sure you're in the latest one, if you have several versions of Java).
  3. Copy all the other files in \Programs\LangLab\mp3 into the ext folder of your current Java directory.


If you have run into a problem not mentioned here, e-mail a description of it to techsupport@elanglab.com.