LangLab Fully-Functional Demo Version

This page enables you to download a demo version of all LangLab modules, including the Let'sT@lk modules. The current demo version is 2.1. Our Release Notes explain how version 2.1 differs from previous versions. The demo version comes with a 30-day license key and complete documentation, including a tutorial (see below).

We provide a demo version so that educational institutions and others involved in language training can examine LangLab. Individuals interested in learning a language on their own should note that the demo version is not very useful for this purpose: it does not come with a set of lessons for any language, and the software will become unusable after thirty days, when the demo license key expires.

Before downloading the trial version, please read about System Requirements and make sure that you already have Java on your computer. (If you need to install the Java Runtime Environment™ first, you can download it without charge. Windows users can get it from the Sun Microsystems website, and Mac users can download it from Apple's site.)

Installing Langlab is easy:

  1. Fill in the information below, choose the right installer for your operating system (Windows or OS X), and download and run the installer, accepting the demo license agreement and responding to other prompts. (For Windows, let the installer put things where it suggests.) If you want a version for a different operating system, contact to see if an installer compatible with your system can be provided.
  2. With Windows, the installer is normally downloaded to your desktop. Click on it to run it. With OS X, you download a compressed langlab.tar.gz file that normally expands automatically on your desktop to a separate package icon. (If it doesn't, double-click on the compressed file icon to expand it.) Click on the package icon to run the installer.
  3. With Windows, the LangLab installer creates a LangLab menu option in the Programs menu; within it is a submenu listing LangLab modules and a docs submenu that contains documentation. With OS X, the installer creates a LangLab folder within Applications; in this folder are icons you click on to launch modules as well as the docs folder containing documentation.
  4. Bring up the LangLabUtilities module and click on the Install MP3 Files button, which copies needed files to the appropriate Java folders. The password you need to run this utility program is monSite. Enter this password. When a button appears, click on it to run the program.
  5. LangLab creates your demo license automatically when you first use a LangLab module.

Documentation and passwords

In the docs submenu (on the Mac, in the docs folder) is our tutorial, Exploring LangLab. It will walk you through using the basic LangLab modules step by step. It contains the passwords you need to run LangLab modules (and explains course passwords, the Administrator password, and student passwords). All modules also have on-line help that you bring up by clicking on the button with the question mark. For the two Let'sT@lk modules, the on-line help files are the only documentation you'll need.

If you prefer to plunge in without reading even Exploring LangLab, you'll still need these passwords:

  • The initial Administrator and course (teacher) passwords are both monSite. The course password lets you use the Teacher, Admin, Monitor, and Let'sT@lk Monitor modules, and the Administrator password lets you use the Admin module to create additional courses.
  • For the Client and Let'sT@lk Client modules, we've set up three fictitious students, John Doe, Paul Dupont, and Mary Smith. John Doe's password is 001-001, Paul Dupont's password is 001-002, and Mary Smith's password is 001-003.

The demo version comes with the following additional documentation:

  • The Teacher's Guide provides somewhat more detailed information about the four basic modules than the Exploring LangLab tutorial.
  • The Student's Guide explains the Client module in somewhat more detail than the on-line help file for that module.
  • The Administrator's Reference explains how to set up courses, how to use LangLab in a client-server configuration (including over the Internet), and other more technical issues.

If you run into problems...

Come back to this page and click here to see what to do if certain problems occur.

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