Obtaining a Free Fully-Functional Demo Version of LangLab PASSPORT

To learn about what LangLab PASSPORT can do...

  • Look at the How It Works section of our Web site.
    It provides screen images of each module and describes everything it does.
  • Request a demo version.
    The demo version doesn't come with actual lessons for any language, just a mock "lesson" with a few sample ESL items that illustrate what LangLab PASSPORT can do. The demo license is good for one month. If your primary interest is in just teaching yourself a language, there isn't much point in requesting a demo.

Is your institution or organization interested in potential use of LangLab PASSPORT?

  • Then try out the demo version, by all means. There is no payment or obligation.
  • You can even install it on every computer in a lab and follow our documentation to set it up--just as if you'd purchased licenses--in a client-server configuration that will let you test real-time monitoring, pair/group work, and even remote access.

What we'll send you:

  • A link you click on to download an installer for Windows or Mac (tell us which you want)
  • Brief installation instructions with initial passwords for use and references to our documentation

If you do want to try the demo version...

Please e-mail us. In your message, tell us the following:

  • which institution or organization you are with and your role
  • how you are interested in using LangLab Passport (for which levels or ages of students, for which languages, and for lab/classroom use, distance learning, or both)
  • under which operating system (Windows, OS X, etc.) the demo version should run
  • that you're sure your system otherwise meets our system requirements
  • how you first learned about LangLab Passport
  • what your timetable is for reaching a decision about purchase.

Why we want this information

We need to be in touch with you so that we can find out if you run into an installation problem and, if so, help you to resolve it. (Once in a while a computer will have file permissions set in such a way that they prevent our installer from doing its job.) You should also be willing to provide us with feedback, as a service to the academic community, since it helps us think about ways of improving our product for all users.