All-skill multimedia platform for learning languages—and more

What distinguishes LangLab PASSPORT?

  • Critical acclaim
    —It was the only product to receive top marks across the board from the leading professional organization (IALLT) in its last survey of language lab solutions => more value for your money
  • A better way of teaching
    —Integrated teaching of all language skills, using varied resources => mutually-reinforcing stimuli help students learn faster
    —Structure lessons in manageable increments that make students respond frequently => students stay involved, see their progress
    —No need to dispatch files to students—menus let students select pre-assembled lessons and click to go through them. => You can concentrate on listening to and helping students.

  • Flexibility
    —Supports both self-paced and teacher-controlled ensemble work => let students optimize learning with existing lessons or improvise lessons and administer standardized tests
    —Use any resources in file form or on the Web => richer, more effective lessons
    —Import existing audio, record your own, or ask questions live => teach what you want to teach
    —Students work individually or in pairs and groups => varied, more enjoyable classes
    —Improves testing as well as instruction => more realistic, more accurate assessment
    —Use it in wired or wireless labs and classrooms or over the Internet => increase time students spend learning (assign homework)

  • Ease of use and convenience
    —It's the simplest, most user-friendly solution of its kind => Why lose time searching for functions?
    —Create lessons or retrieve students' oral/written work and provide feedback from home => work in comfort and with fewer distractions, at your convenience
  • Cross-platform capability
    —It's the only solution of its type that runs with Windows, OS X, Linux... => Why worry about what type of computer faculty or students have at home?

  • Price
    It's by far the least expensive solution of its kind => your budget covers more

What LangLab PASSPORT does

LangLab PASSPORT doesn't come with lessons but makes it easy to plan, assemble, and deliver lessons using audio, video, images, and text. Import and adapt existing content or create your own. Link to lessons any resources accessible as Web pages or as files on a server or the student's own computer. In addition to listening and recording, students can view video clips, images, or documents; read instructions, textual material, and written questions in a special text window; and enter answers—from multiple choice to essay answers—by clicking or typing in text boxes.

Instructors can combine these tools to integrate skills and embed language in its cultural context. Students practice individually or in pairs or groups, with support from the teacher through both real-time monitoring and later evaluation and targeted feedback (including comments teachers insert at any spot in recordings). A teacher can let them work at their own pace or take control to have them listen and record in unison, for standardized testing or for improvising lessons there wasn't time to assemble in advance.

LangLab PASSPORT is a pure software solution (no special hardware required) that turns any computer room or classroom into a digital language lab and leverages its resources for distance learning in a virtual lab.

Use LangLab PASSPORT for teaching...

  • any language, at any level, anywhere, for students of any age
  • other subject matter, as a multimedia presentation system and a vehicle for paperless instruction in any subject with written work.
    • Give students oral practice as preparation for class discussion.
    • Record and evaluate pair/group discussions in any subject.
    • Deliver audiovisual materials on which discussions are based.
  • customer interaction, for employees of call centers

Monitor and help students more effectively

With LangLab PASSPORT, teachers can

  • monitor and assist students as they work
  • evaluate their oral and written work afterward (including from home)
  • provide oral and written feedback to students (and insert new recording pauses for a student to practice things)
  • view a report that tracks students' progress and time spent on each activity
  • easily review students' progress over time.

Want to see students' screens and use other classroom-management functions?

Use LangLab PASSPORT with classroom-management software to ensure that students stay on task. It's inexpensive to add, and you'll have additional ways of teaching and creating lessons.

The bottom line

Best of all, LangLab PASSPORT costs much less than language laboratories typically cost. It's a solution more institutions can afford, even in an era of strained budgets.

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Current version 3.1, with support for
teacher-controlled synchronized work and testing.

Cross-platform—PC or Mac

Software that turns computer rooms into language labs, affordably